Bad Boy Topher

I knew it was a matter of time before someone asked this “Ask Billy” question.  Steve in Miami says, “We miss you in Hot Spots.  But since I still read you online, I’ve been wondering when you would address the sexual assault charges against Topher DiMaggio.  Are they true?  I mean, he’s totally hot – who’s saying no to him?”

First, I miss my SoFla fans and hope to be back in print with you again very soon.  But, I will be back in town for the Winter Party.  Many gay men find it hard to imagine anyone not wanting to have sex with Topher DiMaggio.  But, regardless of how hot someone is, no means no.  According to reports, the underwear model (and occasional gay porn star) has been accused of verbal harassment, sexual assault, and even rape.  His fellow gay porn star, Tegan Zayne, claims that the night before they were going to shoot a scene, Topher pressured him into having sex.  DiMaggio responded, saying, “These horrific accusations have shocked me to my core.  All of my relations with this person have been consensual and willing.”  I wonder how many people helped him string those words together.

Shortly after Zayne went public, two other men accused Topher of rape.  Then two more accused him of sexual assault.  One of those attacks allegedly took place at an event in Seattle that Andrew Christian was hosting!  None of this is good news for the underwear giant – especially since DiMaggio (a name I doubt appears on any official paperwork) is the face…er, body of the brand.  Christian says Topher is on “indefinite suspension while we look into the matter”.  I doubt he’s suffering financially – that’s what I hear from several people who claim to have paid for his services.  In case you’re interested in seeing what they get for their money, check out

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