Have a Fag!

“Can I bum a fag?”  I’ve had my share of propositions, but this seemed more forward than most.  Not that I minded – I had just gotten off a transatlantic flight and never once employed the word “Ocupado”.  I was overdue.  Turns out, the gent simply wanted a cigarette.  Well, excuse me for hearing the words “bum” and “fag” and conjuring up a sexual image.  That got me thinking – in these days of rampant political correctness, should I be offended that the Brits call cigarettes “fags”?  Typically, hearing the word “fag” might elicit at least a raised eyebrow – much as Miss Vivien Leigh did in Gone with the Wind (a faggy reference if ever there was one).  However, since the word in this context had nothing to do with gay people, I wouldn’t blink if he screamed it in Leicester Square.

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