Stormy Daniels Day

Since I’m spending some time in Boston, I missed out on the May 23rd festivities known as Stormy Daniels Day.  While many criticized West Hollywood for honoring the porn star, I thought it was somewhat appropriate.  After all, the ceremony took place in front of Chi Chi LaRue’s store on Santa Monica Boulevard, and was presided over by Mayor John Duran, who is partners with my husband, gay porn superstar Kurt Young (it’s very complicated, but also very WeHo).  News of these festivities enraged FOX host Tucker Carlson.  “She is not even gay!”  Let me tell you, Tucker – just so you know and your children will someday know – West Hollywood has honored other non-gay persons such as Cheech Marin and Tommy ChongEn Vogue, and others too numerous to mention.

Intriguingly enough, the West Hollywood City Council considered honoring yet another “celebrity” back in 2015.  Then-Councilman Duran said, “In my mind, Bruce Jenner has not earned anything by coming out as a transgendered person.”  Now, three years later, Duran said, “Lady Godiva rode naked through the streets of England to protest injustice and taxes, and we have our own Lady Godiva here in the city of West Hollywood.”  And, Tucker, it turns out there is a gay angle.  In her speech, Stormy said, “As a woman with two wonderful gay dads, Keith and JD, I feel especially at home here.”  And because I know you’ll ask, Daniels’ hot lawyer Michael Avenatti was in attendance and earned more than his fair share of attention – as well he should.

The day ended with a soirée at The Abbey which was supposed to last about 30 minutes.  Apparently, Stormy enjoyed herself so much, she stayed over two hours, dancing with drag queens and go-go boys.  Alas, the evening didn’t end well according to Abbey honcho Dave Cooley.  “Her security detail was a disaster.  They were rude to many of our guests, they were aggressive with several of our staff, they were shoving press outside and being generally rude.  They also walked out on their bill and didn’t tip their server.”  Shame. 

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