Case Closed For Caso Cerrado

Twice a day, my life is made brighter by Caso Cerrado, which gives me more pleasure than anything else on television.  This Spanish-language courtroom show on Telemundo is like a cross between Judge Judy and Jerry Springer, with a little bit of Unsolved Mysteries sprinkled in.  You see, there is a disclaimer at the end of the show saying, “The cases seen may be based on real events and may be dramatized”.  Well, at least they admit it!  It has been a major hit throughout the Spanish-speaking world since it debuted in 2001 and is presided over by the brilliant Dra. Ana Maria Polo, who is a mediator, not a judge.  She also sings the theme song, but let’s not even go there.  But more germane to this story is that she’s a lesbian – something which has been whispered about for years but never publicly confirmed.  And that’s strange because Polo is a fervent advocate of gay rights and regularly features LGBTQ cases on her show.  Now she’s been thrust into the spotlight with a case of her own.  Marlene Key, who was the show’s former executive producer, has filed a $2 million lawsuit claiming that she owns the name Caso Cerrado.  She alleges that when Polo was ill, she transferred all of her property over to her lover, Key!  When the two broke up, Marlene was ousted from the production, and Polo allegedly emptied out their joint bank account.  Hence the lawsuit, which is now getting publicity.  Due to the scrutiny, Telemundo has replaced the evening airings with a soap, although they say Caso Cerrado will return in the fall.  We’ll see.

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