The Go-Go’s Return

It’s been two years since The Go-Go’s said farewell to touring at LA’s Greek Theatre.  But they never said they wouldn’t get together for something special.  So they played Oakland and San Diego to warm up for three nights at the legendary Hollywood Bowl.  As a purist, I wasn’t interested in seeing The Go-Go’s augmented by the Los Angeles Philharmonic – as fabulous as they are.  I wanted a real show, so I trekked to Oakland’s glamorous Fox Theatre, which was filled to capacity – prompting Belinda Carlisle to quip, “Wow, there sure are a lot of you out there!”  What made these shows noteworthy was the return of bassist Kathy Valentine, who unwillingly left the group in 2012.  I was excited at the prospect of seeing the classic Go-Go’s lineup reunited.  Alas, my plans were thwarted.  Drummer Gina Schock had surgery on her arm, so she had to sit these shows out.  But she still showed up to introduce the band, joined by temporary replacement drummer, Chris Arredondo.  The Go-Go’s shook things up by doing several songs they haven’t done for years – if ever.  “Here You Are” is a highlight of the Broadway musical based on The Go-Go’s catalogue, Head Over Heels.  Charlotte mentioned they’ve never performed it live and hoped for the best, while Jane cautioned the band, “Don’t fuck it up”.  Check it out on

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