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You may deny it, but I know you’re watching The Bachelorette.  And after the men told all this week, here’s my two cents – this is the gayest group of men I’ve ever seen on network TV.  Criticizing outfits?  And socks?  To say nothing of golden undies being bandied about with pride!  Well, if the bad dye-job isn’t embarrassing, why not go whole-hog.  However, the peak for me was watching Colton (the virgin) cry.  It turns out, when people call him a pussy because he’s never been in one, he believes it!  I couldn’t make this up if I tried.   There he was, sobbing like a…well, don’t make me say it.  While many predict he could be the next Bachelor, don’t bet on it.  You cannot have a virgin as The Bachelor.  Especially not one weeping uncontrollably, regardless of how hot he is (and he is).  I suppose I could get behind Joe the Grocer…were it not for that dead tooth.

Last week, a 23-year-old male model came out as gay.  No, not someone on The Bachelorette.  This is Derek Chadwick, who is described as an “influencer” – which begs the question, how much influence does someone no one ever heard of have?  Eh, he’s happy, I’m happy.  And he’s hot enough to post photos of on

Speaking of male models, four are coming out claiming they were sexually assaulted by photographer Rick Day.  And, because you know how I like to tie things together, two of those models say that when they were assaulted, they were virgins!  The first, Barrett Pall, claims that Day “robbed him” of his virginity by – again, I couldn’t make this up – masturbating him and urging him to ejaculate on his face!  Now, look, I don’t want to minimize that this may have been a traumatic experience.  But what exactly did it rob him of?  Of being jerked off and ejaculating on the face of someone he truly loved?  Perhaps I’m jaded, but it all feels a lot less special after the first bushel and a peck.  The second model, Kai Braden, says Day pinned him against the wall and asked if he had ever had sex with another guy.  Kai said he never had sex period, so Day backed off.  Twins Michael and Zach Zakar say they were sexually assaulted separately – which, judging from their online videos, is pretty hard to do.  Michael says Day tried to push his head down as the photographer pulled out his penis.  According to Zach, Day said, “I’m going to shoot you, then you’re going to make me shoot.”  I smell a pattern – or is that the twins?

Let me add a quick codicil – after writing the above, I started watching videos of Barrett Pall on his YouTube channel – because, of course, everyone has a YouTube channel.  I must say, he comes off incredibly sincere and loving and honest and…yeah, OK, he’s beyond hot.  So, while I’m not changing my message, I would urge you to check out his videos at with everyone a bit, I still urge you to check out his videos at

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