Another Steven’s Out

I do hate to sound crabby, but if I can’t be crabby, who can?  I’m really disappointed in most of these reboots.  Murphy Brown might as well be filmed in slow motion at an old age home, Roseanne was fine until Roseanne died, and Charmed has no magic.  Perhaps it’s these disappointments that explain my fondness for Dynasty – as long as I don’t compare it to the original.  Last week, Nicollette Sheridan had a great moment when her Alexis popped a potato chip in her mouth after saying, “If you haven’t noticed, Cristals come and go around here.”  We’re barely into season two, and we’re already on our second Cristal.  But wait, there’s more – Steven is out.  The current actor, James Mackay, revealed, “While Steven had a choice to leave, unfortunately I didn’t.”  Executive producer Sallie Patrick was not pleased.  She blames the firing on “notes from the network”, mentioning that “the series just lost its sole queer couple.  Let’s hope Steven’s leave of absence is temporary.”  My sources tell me that the network has an intriguing idea – recast the role.  Why?  Because that’s what they did in the original series. 

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