Frankie’s Throuple

There is not a member of the Grande family who interests me.  But, I know my readers like little Frankie, so here goes.  On Halloween, he announced that he is a part of a throuple.  For those of you not sexually adventurous, that means he’s in a relationship with two people.  What I have learned in my time around the block is that most throuples consist of the actual couple and a third who either doesn’t last long, or takes one member of the couple with him when he leaves.  I suspect this throuple is no different since Frankie revealed his boyfriends are a legally married couple.  I’ll say this for Frankie – he’s nabbed a hot couple.  And they bring something to the table – one’s a doctor, and one’s a lawyer.  When asked what his favorite part of the relationship is, Grande said, “Dick”.  Times two.  With Frankie, I’m sure nobody is waiting for a turn.

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