Three Times The Flash

In a story which will put the tingle back in your loins, my pal John Wesley Shipp has winched his considerable assets back into tights to once again play The Flash.  “Billy,” I can almost hear you crying, “Doesn’t he play the father of The Flash?”  Oh, how soon they forget.  Back when James Van Der Beek barely had his first pubes, Shipp was the eponymous Flash for CBS.  Yes, now he plays the father.  But in the ‘90s, our superheroes were much hunkier.  For the fifth annual Arrowverse crossover, Elseworld will feature characters from The FlashArrow and Supergirl in a CW spectacular.  The event takes place over three nights, December 9-11, introduces Batwoman and Lois Lane, and features Shipp in tights for the first time since 1990.  Well, there was that night I spent with him in Toledo back in 2011…but that’s another story.

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