So Long Dearie

I just returned from Palm Springs where I attended Remembering Carol: A Tribute to Carol Channing.  This was a bittersweet event – but happily far more sweet than bitter.  The bitter, of course, is that our beloved Carol is no longer with us.  But, my God, the room was filled with such love and warmth that it was truly as if she never left.  It was certainly not lost on me that it took a dozen luminaries to create a feeling Channing could do simply by walking into a room.  Those gathered shared songs and stories about someone who was truly unique.  People like Carole CookLily TomlinTyne DalyRuta LeeDavis Gaines, and Kristin Chenoweth.  Despite the star power in that theatre, there was only one way to end the celebration – with a video of Carol herself singing the eleven o’clock number from Hello, Dolly!.  To our beloved Carol – so long dearie.

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