Mirren Wants Some Mamoas

Lots of people were drooling over Jason Momoa at the Oscars – including the positively lactating Dame Helen Mirren.  And you know what would go well with some powdered milk?  Girl Scout cookies.  And this gave little Charlotte Holmberg from Colorado an idea.  The ingenious ingénue did a bit of Photoshopping and turned her beloved Samoas into Momoas adorned with Jason’s shirtless torso.  Suddenly, her cookies were selling like hot cakes…which I realize is a mixed metaphor, but that’s how it goes sometimes.  Her best customers were other girls in her class – who likely have posters of unicorns adorning their bedroom walls.  When asked about the situation, Jason said, “I love Girl Scout cookies.  I was, like, waiting to get some free ones.  I’d love some.”  He better get them quickly.  A spokesperson for the Scouts backpedaled and said not many were sold and packaging was confined to a “limited number…for friends and family.”  Yeah, right.  For legal reasons, I’m sure.

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