College Admissions Scam

I’m terribly disappointed in Felicity Huffman when it comes to this whole college admissions scandal.  Frankly, I expected more from her.  But since I’m capable of having two contradictory thoughts at the same time, I must also admit that I feel bad for her.  Yes, she did something wrong.  But how can you lump in Huffman’s $15K payment to bump up her daughter’s SAT scores with parents who paid half a MILLION dollars to get their daughters into college?  I have absolutely no respect for Lori Loughlin and designer Mossimo Giannulli – and that was even before this scandal broke.  And before I saw those videos of her bitch daughter who I suspect has done many things with an oar that didn’t include sculling.  But really, Feds?  You send a SWAT team to Felicity’s house at dawn in bulletproof vests to bring her in like she’s El Chapo, while Loughlin blithely flies in from her latest/last Hallmark set in Canada?  Oh, the humanity!  I’m rooting for Felicity to just pay a fine and be done with this.  But Loughlin and Moss should be locked up and forced to watch When Calls the Heart on an endless loop.

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