The Lou Pearlman Story

Lance Bass produced a documentary called The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story.  The doc features many members of bands led by the shamed, jailed, and now deceased impresario.  But one name is conspicuously absent.  For years it’s been rumored that Nick Carter got the lion’s share of “attention” from Lou – attention which is said to have scarred him.  He skipped this project, so we won’t hear his story.  We’ll have to settle for Ashley Parker Angel from O-Town, who is best known for long, luxurious footage filmed in the shower – kinda like that previously virginal bachelor.  We’re told Lou had all the unedited footage squirreled away for his own “use”. 

There is a Carter who is in the flick – Aaron Carter.  It’s said that Lou focused on him once Nick started growing pubes.  And, of course, Aaron ain’t one to turn down publicity.  In fact, he posted a photo of himself recently with the following caption: “I think I look fucking great!”  Check him out on our website and decide for yourself.

If Aaron thinks he looks so freaking good, I’ve got a job for him – The Magic Mike Musical is currently holding auditions for men 18-30 “in excellent physical shape”.  They are accepting video submissions that include “a brief pop/rock song not longer than one minute in length that shows off range” (sorry, Aaron) and “a brief contemporary or hip-hop dance clip no longer than two minutes in length that shows off athleticism, technique, and any specialty skills (gymnastics, tumbling, etc.).  No nudity.”  To think I was about to volunteer my services to screen the videos.  You had me, then you lost me.

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