Falwell’s Pool Boy

Then there’s the story about Jerry Falwell Jr. and the pool boy.  So many questions.  Let’s start with the basics – who is Jerry Falwell Jr.?  Don’t confuse him with his father – co-founder of the Moral Majority (which is neither), a televangelist, and, if I’m not mistaken, stole the PTL Club right out from under Jim and Tammy Faye and then went down a water slide fully clothed.  This story isn’t about him.  This is about his spawn.  From what I’ve read, Junior is kinda like a smarter Donald Jr. – well, who isn’t?  In fact, Falwell was the first evangelical leader to endorse Trump.  Not only that, he actually compared Donald to Winston Churchill!  Oh, the humanity.

Back to the pool boy.  This story came out thanks to Tom Arnold.  Remember when Arnold was doing that TV show trying to discredit Trump?  Somehow he got a phone interview with the president’s lackey/patsy Michael Cohen, who admitted that someone was extorting money out of Falwell by using photos that would “typically be kept between husband and wife”.  Well, THAT got my attention.  The pics were allegedly being peddled to the more salacious press, but Cohen got them quashed – but not before saving one.  “I actually have one of the photos – it’s terrible,” says Cohen.  Why did he save one?  As a memento?  More likely, an insurance policy.

Shortly before Cohen was allegedly hired by the Falwells to take care of this mess, the religious couple was entangled with Giancarlo Granda, who is described as a former pool attendant at the Fontainebleau.  While the Falwells were staying at the swanky hotel, Junior “befriended” Granda – at least, that’s the word court documents use.  They were friendly enough for Falwell to give Giancarlo a $1.8 million loan!  That money was used to buy a Miami Beach “hostel” – an establishment which has been termed as “gay friendly”.  The timing has led people to speculate that the photos came from Granda in return for this “loan”.  Naturally, Granda’s lawyer firmly denies any connection between Granda and Cohen, or Granda and the photos in question.  The lawyer also asked the media to stop referring to his client as a “pool boy”.  He’d rather be known as a Georgetown University grad student.  And, apparently, owner of a “gay friendly” hostel in South Beach.

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