Austin: More Than An Ass

Our Ask Billy question comes from Stephen in San Francisco: “I know lots of people hate him, but I think Austin Armacost is so dreamy.  I’ve always heard he has a small dick.  Then he posted a nude photo and it looks pretty big.  So, you have to find out – is the pic photoshopped or is it really that big?”

For those who don’t know, Austin Armacost is a model of some minor note.  More notable is his appearance on a handful of reality television shows, including the short-lived The A-List: New York, where we learned he had a minor tryst with Reichen Lehmkuhl (you’d think that would put the question of size to rest).  Later, he was on Celebrity Big Brother UK.  Most of his risqué shoots have focused on his derrière, which is certainly his largest asset.  But what of the elusive flip side?  The photo in question was posted on Austin’s website, but photos can be easily doctored.  Less easy to fudge is video, and we’ve gotten our hands on some footage where Austin shakes his moneymaker – proving it’s either real or held on with Super Glue.  See for yourself on


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