Buttigieg in PeteTown

Our very own Pete Buttigieg had a fundraiser in Provincetown on July 5th.  It should go without saying that a gay man with the word “Butt” in his name is very popular in Ptown…and he was.  Didya know that of Democratic candidates for president, Mayor Pete raised more money in the second quarter than the rest of ‘em?  $24.8 million, to be precise.  To put it in perspective, Kamala hasn’t raised that much since she entered the race!  Tickets to Pete’s free fundraiser at Provincetown Town Hall were snatched up in a matter of hours.  The $2,800/ticket fundraiser sold out in 3 days.  There was a $1,000/ticket fundraiser which I believe took place on the street en route to the more expensive one.  That sold out quickly, too.  Because my priorities are vastly different, I did not go anywhere near these – nor was I awake during some of them.  But a source who did pay $2,800 told me, “Mayor Pete has very soft hands.”  That sounds reminiscent of a Palmolive commercial.  You’re soaking in it!

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