Gus & Matt Kaput

And now, time for a sad story which I predict will make many of you happy.  Gus Kenworthy and his beau Matt Wilkas have broken up.  See?  Aren’t you conflicted?  You’re like, “Aww…they made such a cute couple and they seemed so happy.”  On the other hand, you’re thinking, “Hmm…two really hot gay guys are suddenly single.”  I wish I had some dirt for you – or even rumors of a third party.  For now, we rely on the official statement: “Gus and Matt are taking time apart.  They love and support each other and remain close friends.”  Someone in the know says it happened at the end of June.  That’s Pride Month for you – some relationships make it, some don’t.

Didya know that Kenworthy and Wilkas actually met online?  Get your minds out of the gutter – they met on Instagram.  But gay apps are in the news.  I recently told you that the gay hook-up app Jack’d suffered a data breach which left thousands of users’ private photos open to the public.  This led to a ruling that they had to pay a $240K settlement.  In the midst of that, a much more popular app, Scruff, came in and bought Jack’d – probably for a song.

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