Mr. Little Goes To Court

Having watched nearly every episode of LA Law and countless hours of Judge Judy, I consider myself somewhat of a legal expert.  So, it is my unaccredited opinion that there is no precedent for retroactively applying the Fifth Amendment.  And yet, that is what Kevin Spacey’s accuser, Will Little, did last week.  After cockily answering questions on the stand, Mr. Little was reminded that, should any of his statements prove to be false, he could face several charges, including a felony for tampering with evidence.  Suddenly a recess was called.  I don’t remember exactly how long it lasted, but I was able to find out that psycho Thomas killed Emma on The Bold and the Beautiful.  When we returned to the Nantucket courtroom, not only did Mr. Little refuse to answer any more questions – citing the Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate himself – he also asked that everything he had said earlier be stricken from the record.  The judge then told the prosecutor that given that they suddenly had no evidence (i.e., the cell phone) and no witness (i.e., Mr. Little), they may want to reconsider proceeding with criminal charges…lest he make the decision for them.  The next hearing is scheduled for July 31, but I believe a decision will be forthcoming much sooner.

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