Zakars Pray the Gay Away

Since I’m in Fort Lauderdale this week, I was able to see the world premiere of Pray the Gay Away, starring the Zakar Twins (based on their best-selling book).  The boys previously made it into this column last August, when they accused a photographer of sexual assault.  Alas, that storyline didn’t make it into this show, which is billed as “A true life coming out comedy”.  You know how Jerry Seinfeld surrounded himself with a talented cast of actors on “Seinfeld”?  The Zakars have done the same thing – and for the same reason.  Vince Kelley all but steals the show as their mother, knocking the fourth wall down with aplomb and reacting on the spot to mishaps (like singing during his entrance, saying, “That was supposed to be my sound cue”).  Close behind Vince in the scene-stealing category was Jeffrey James Fox, who plays numerous roles – most of which require nudity.  It is rare to find someone you’d want to see naked who not only can act but also is funny.  Fox is one such person.  Cory Shorter made it clear he was the star of every scene he was in, while Zachary James Morgan held up the rear…literally. 

As to the Zakar Twins, one must admire them.  They’ve taken virtually nothing and developed a following based on…well, virtually nothing.  If you want to see them nude, save your money – that doesn’t happen here.  If you expect some mildly incestuous twin action, you’ll also be disappointed (for that, check out  If anything, the boys come off decidedly asexual.  They’ve got spunk, but I hate spunk.  They have perseverance, but they don’t have presence.  They’ve created a brand, but they can’t even convincingly play themselves.  In spite of them, the show is entertaining.  So, even with all these caveats, I recommend going.  And you may get the chance to see it since the show is touring.  This world premiere was billed as a National Off-Broadway Tour.  Well, it doesn’t get more off-Broadway than Fort Lauderdale.  Keep up with the boys and their travails at

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