Travolta Latest Faux Pas

John Travolta should never, ever be a presenter on a live award show.  At the MTV Video Music Awards last week, Travolta and Queen Latifah were presenting “Video of the Year”.  Sidebar – am I the only person who found the coupling of Travolta and Latifah, well, “curious”?  Travolta, knowing his penchant for malaprops, handed the envelope to Latifah quipping, “I shouldn’t do this because I’ll just mispronounce shit and fuck it up.”  Latifah announced Taylor Swift – an easy name to say.  Travolta assumed the role of Miss Golden Globes and presented Swift with the statue.  But, wait…that wasn’t Taylor Swift.  He actually handed the award to Jade Jolie – a drag queen who appears in Swift’s video “You Need to Calm Down”, which is a pro-LGBTQ anthem.  Sidebar again – am I the only one who notes the irony of having Queen Latifah and John Travolta give an award to a video which encourages people to come out?  Anyhoo, Todrick Hall (who produced the video) says that he spoke with Taylor backstage and they laughed, and laughed, and laughed.  In a related story, Gigi Hadid (someone who I still really don’t have a clue) also once confused Jade Jolie with Taylor Swift.  It’s an epidemic!!!

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