Gay Couples Come and Go

This week, Ronan Satchel Allen O’Sullivan Sinatra Farrow has been everywhere – promoting his new book Catch and Kill, giving insight into the Matt Lauer situation, and sporting a new hairdo straight out of Wimbledon.  I noted that he’s been less combative in these recent appearances than in his previous media spots.  That may be because of another change in his life – he’s engaged!  He popped the question to podcast host and former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett (no relation) in an intriguing way.  Jon would read over sections of the book as Ronan was writing it.  One page simply said, “Marriage?  On the moon or even here on earth.”  Ronan said the reply was, “Sure”.  That Lovett’s sure got a way with words.

File this under “And they said it wouldn’t last”.  And by “they”, I mean me.  Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham are officially divorced.  I know – let’s all put on our surprised faces.  But, there is actually a surprise.  As part of the legal paperwork, the couple signed a non-disclosure agreement.  “Neither party shall discuss, publish or post, or cause to be discussed published or posted, directly or indirectly, any private information pertaining to the other Party, the Parties’ relationship, or this dissolution action on any media, including without limitation, the internet (including, but not limited to social media applications, Websites, blogs, new periodicals, etc.) or in other media in any manner.  Neither party shall authorize, license or create (in whole or in part) a book, article, movie, or television production based upon, or which includes a character based upon, the other Party without the written consent of the other Party, or use the other Party’s name for any publicity related purpose.”  Because you know Ryan Murphy is chomping at the bit to do another season of “Feud” based on this tumultuous affair.

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