Kensworthy’s New BeauS

Gus Kenworthy has no use for kids.  He’s courting an older crowd.  How much older?  In the words of Mame Dennis, somewhere between 40 and death.  Gus was videotaped meeting a group of three gay men who are denizens of God’s waiting room, Palm Springs (Fort Lauderdale is God’s parking lot).  When shown a photo, the men seemed unsure who Gus was.  One said, “Who was that Olympic skier?  Adam Rippon’s friend.  Chuck Helmsworthy?”  In the words of Jesus’ parents – Oy!  Once Gus was correctly IDed, he came out to meet the oldsters, who were quite smitten – after all, Kenworthy is both dashing and delightful.  Well, that and as one guy kept pointing out, he’s got those thighs and that ass.  Check out this fun video on

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