Aaron Hernandez

Many of you have asked me about the Netflix docuseries, Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez.  There’s been a lot of criticism that the show focuses too much on the former tight end’s sexual orientation.  It even kicks off with the song “I’m Always Chasing Rainbows”.  Subtle.  In addition to his brain injuries, there is conjecture that his being outed on the radio led to his suicide two days later (an allegation echoed by Aaron’s brother).  The doc spent an inordinate amount of time blaming his violent tendencies on his internal sexual conflict.

I’ve previously told you the allegations of former Marine, Dennis SanSoucie.  He claims to have had a “relationship” with Aaron from 7th grade until they were juniors in high school.  He also states that while Hernandez didn’t want to be gay, he “participated” with many people.  “I was a small piece of Aaron’s sexual activity.”  And yet, to the best of my knowledge, no other “participants” have come forward.  Dennis says Aaron was terrified of his father finding out.  “Mr. Hernandez was well-known as a man’s man; a father that slapped the faggot right out of you.”  However, Mr. Hernandez died when his son was 16.  It seems that rather than free Aaron, it made him snap.  Of course, his mother shacking up with his favorite cousin’s husband probably didn’t help.

I don’t think the doc ever mentioned Aaron having beards or girlfriends – aside from his fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins.  In a recent interview, Shayanna weighed in on all the speculation.  “You can’t describe someone’s sexuality without them being here.  Although I’ve had a child with Aaron, I still can’t tell you what he was feeling inside.”  Her words came back to me during a sequence in the documentary where they played a prison call between the couple.  When he mentions being in “an all-male jail…besides ‘those things’”, Shayanna chastises him.  “Stop calling them ‘those things’.  Stop it.  That is so rude.  They are called transgender.  Don’t call them ‘those things’.”  When Aaron giggles and says that’s what the other inmates call them, Shayanna says, “Don’t be hopping on the bandwagon.  Be a leader.  They are not ‘things’.  They are humans – just like you.”  Regarding his sexuality, Shayanna says, “If he did feel that way, or if he felt the urge, I wish that I was told.  I wish that he would have told me because I wouldn’t have loved him any differently.  I would have understood.  It’s not shameful.”

In an ironic codicil, the docuseries ends with footage from Aaron’s funeral – at the Faggas Funeral Home.


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