Is Spidey Straight

Some sources are claiming that the next Spider-man film will include a boyfriend…for the superhero!  I have my doubts this will happen, but here’s how the rumor got started.  Way back in 2013, Andrew Garfield said the following: “What if [Spider-man’s girlfriend] is a dude?  Why can’t we discover that Peter is exploring his sexuality?  It’s hardly even groundbreaking!  So why can’t he be gay?  Why can’t he be into boys?”  Andrew brought this idea up to the producers and they balked.  However, the current rumor claims that Sony is so eager for Garfield to return to the franchise, they’d now consider a bi-Spidey.  We’ll see…

A clip recently dropped of Robert Pattinson as Batman.  Well, they say it’s Robert Pattinson as Batman, but who really knows.  Were there no lights on this set?  Even a flashlight?  ‘Cause, for all I know, it could be J-Lo in that Batman suit!  I suppose it’s possible that Pattinson has figured out how to say “I’m Batman” in that husky, Brenda Vaccaro type of voice.  But, physically, he seems to ooze all the raw masculinity of a young Kristy McNichol.


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