Celebs and Coronavirus

The coronavirus has a face – Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.  On one hand, Rita Wilson FINALLY has a credit to her name.  Still, it must irk her to no end that many reports simply say “Tom Hanks and his wife”.  Rita has striven to not simply be “wife”.  She’s acted, sung, and even produced.  Yet whatever she does, her most notable credit is “wife”.  The couple’s position as the face of COVID-19 was short-lived once Idris Elba came forward.  And then, Daniel Dae Kim.  If all of these people perish, they’d likely be remembered during the Oscars’ “In Memoriam” as “Actor”…except for Rita Wilson.  If she even makes the cut, I suspect she’ll simply be referred to as “Wife”. 

You know the coronavirus is losing some of its cache once former Bachelor Colton Underwood got it.  Elsewhere on TV, we must add dear Andy Cohen to that list (silver lining – I bet he’s thrilled to be in any group that includes Idris Elba!).  Idris said people should listen to medical officials.  “Stay home people and be pragmatic.”  Meanwhile, Evangeline Lilly scoffed.  She actually referred to the pandemic as “a respiratory flu”, and says she is not socially distancing.  “Some people value their lives over freedom, some people value freedom over their lives”.  Her one concession is that her children must wash their hands before she takes them to gymnastics camp.  She doesn’t seem concerned about them washing when they get home!  So, who are you gonna listen to?  Idris Elba or the chick from Lost?  Or Dr. Fauci (is it just me, or does he look like he could have been an extra in The Lord of the Rings?).

I’m convinced Donald Trump purposely gives his daily briefings right in the middle of The View.  That’s no accident!  Thank God for West Coast feeds (and ABC.com).  While many TV shows have gone on hiatus, The View continues to be live – sans audience.  Also sans Joy Behar.  The elder stateswoman of The View, being of a certain age, is taking time off and sequestering herself in her Hamptons abode.  Whoopi is moderating from home.  The bright side is the welcomed return of Sara Haines.  Since she’s already at ABC for her own show an hour later, she’s the perfect fill-in.  In fact, everything about her is perfect.  She is perhaps the most ideal View co-host since Meredith Vieira.  A bright ray of articulate sunshine and smarts to start my day.  It doesn’t hurt that she has a hot gay brother.  Yes, Joe, I’m talking to you.  Since we’re both just sitting home, drop me an e-mail, message me on Facebook, and let’s see where this goes.  According to The Sun, it could boost both of our immune systems!


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