Hairspray and Hamilton

Some stories I avoid reporting – I assume they’re old news to most readers.  And then people think I missed something.  So, here goes.  You all know that Hamilton has been the biggest hit on Broadway for the past five years.  While Lin-Manuel Miranda and the rest of the original cast were in the show, they filmed three performances and edited them down to one fabulous film – LIVE!  Disney paid $75 million for the rights, and planned to release it in 2021.  In light of the current crisis, they’ve opted to release it on Disney+ on the eve of Independence Day, July 3rd.

If you need your fix of musical theatre, go online to see a plethora of musical talent assembled for the finale from Hairspray.  Dozens of luminaries took part in a brilliant rendition of “You Can’t Stop the Beat”.  Eagle eyes will notice several stars who have also popped up on Billy Masters LIVE, particularly two notable Motormouth Mabels – Jenifer Lewis and Darlene Love.  By the way, Jenifer recorded her section moments after appearing on my show – which would explain why she’s in the same outfit!  Yes, #BML always gets everything first.

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