Ian’s Back to the Future

With theatre in a state of suspended animation, it comes as no surprise to us that Sir Ian McKellen has gotten antsy.  So, imagine his delight when he was offered a job.  And in the theatre, no less.  And in a Shakespeare play.  Heaven!  The play?  Hamlet.  Delightful – he has a long history with the show.  Which role?  The ghost?  Polonius?  The second gravedigger?  Nope – Hamlet.  Yes, Sir Ian is once again playing the melancholy prince of Denmark – roughly half a century since his first time as the great Dane.  No one is quite sure when this production will be able to open, but McKellen was happy to commence rehearsals recently.  “So now we will meet again.  Don’t know when, but do know where: Theatre Royal Windsor!”  Note that he invoked the words sung so often by the great Vera Lynn, who passed away a few weeks ago at the age of 103.  I believe she was up for the role of Ophelia!

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