Ptown Summer Shows

Pandemic or not, Billy Masters stays away from Provincetown for no man.  As it turns out, that’s exactly how many men I had – because, you know, there’s a pandemic going on.  I did get to see some incredible shows – and it’s simply coincidental that all of these artists have appeared on Billy Masters LIVE (I’m not risking life and limb to see Vicki Lawrence Schultz).  Every Wednesday night at The Crown and Anchor, Edmund Bagnell (of Well-Strung) is doing his solo show He Plays the Violin – and play it he does!  And his voice is as sweet as ever.

Then I got a taste of Varla Jean Merman and Judy Gold in The Varla and Judy Show.  My God, I laughed more than I have since…well, since March 13th!  The two play off each other brilliantly, singing, dancing (well, kinda dancing), and telling stories that would make a nun blush – were a nun foolish enough to be in Ptown… during a pandemic…to see a lesbian…and a drag queen.  The only downside to that show is you want more.

And more you get if you go to Varla’s solo show, Super Spreader.  Take it from someone who knows – it’s hard to make fun of a pandemic…especially while it’s going on.  But Varla manages to walk that tightrope with one of the most creative shows ever that’ll make you laugh – and, perhaps, think.  Make no mistake: these performers are all at the peak of their profession, and Ptown is lucky to have them…thanks to The Crown.  Since every show so far has sold out, grab your tickets quickly at

Meanwhile at the Pilgrim House, Branden and James spent a week doing their Lady Gaga tribute show.  I must confess – I am not the biggest Gaga devotee.  No offense, but I prefer my meat hanging from my men.  That said, Gaga’s got terrific songs (even the derivative ones), and this duo performs them wonderfully.  In addition to his angelic voice, Branden is also a good pianist.  And as great a cellist as James is, he sings, too.  They are in residence until October at The Front Porch in Ogunquit.  Details can be found at

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