Peevish Politicos

Are we really living in a world where we accuse the president’s son of being high on cocaine during a convention speech?  I thought the world hit a low when they went after Chelsea Clinton…to say nothing of Amy Carter or the Bush girls.  And does the son of a president have to actually say, “No, I was not high on cocaine” in a national television interview?  I guess in this Trumpian age, the answer is yes.  Whatever happened to class?


You’d be excused if you confused the Republican National Convention with a bus and truck tour of Evita given the high-pitched yelling and arm gesturing.  But where was Scott Baio?  He spoke at the 2016 RNC, but where was he this year?  He appeared at some rallies and the Freedom First Network symposium after the convention ended.  At that event, he proclaimed that the coronavirus is all a lie – ‘cause Chachi knows!  It’s been a pretty dismal summer for Scott.  He was supposed to be filming Courting Mom & Dad with Kristy Swanson…which sounds positively dreadful.  That was shut down by SAG-AFTRA for not following regulations in regard to child actors AND for not following Covid-19 rules.  Well, because of course there is no pandemic!

When we last checked in with beleaguered Massachusetts congressional candidate Alex Morse, he was being accused of having sex with students in the college where he worked.  The openly gay Morse admitted that he had had sex with some students – but it was all consensual.  What’s more, all of the partners backed him up – which means all of that backing up was indeed consensual.  In some good news, he just got an endorsement from rising star, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Suddenly, life is looking a bit brighter for Morse.

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