The Fall of Falwell

Then there’s Jerry Falwell Jr.  I prepared a report on his unzipped escapade weeks ago, but thought “Who cares?”  Apparently people cared.  On Instagram, he posted a photo from his yacht with a scantily clad woman – a woman who was not his wife.  And let’s not even mention Jerry’s unzipped jeans peeking out below his protruding paunch.  He deleted the pic, but not before others saved it and reposted it.  Shortly thereafter, the Executive Committee of Liberty University’s Board of Trustees “requested that Jerry Falwell, Jr. take an indefinite leave of absence from his roles as President and Chancellor of Liberty University.”  BTW, it was a paid leave of absence.

And yet, they didn’t have a problem with last year’s story about the pool boy – if anybody 29 years of age can be called a boy anywhere other than on a hookup app.  That story came from Michael Cohen…of golden showers fame.  He claimed that someone was trying to extort money out of the Falwells with a photo that he said would “typically be kept between a husband and wife”.  However, Falwell claimed that the $1.8 million he gave the aquatic Giancarlo Granda was a loan to help him start a gay-friendly youth hostel in Miami Beach – and we know how gay-friendly youths can be (when they’re not being hostile).

A year ago, speculation ran rampant that Jerry Jr. had an affair with the pool boy.  Now it’s being claimed that the tyke had an eight-year affair with Mrs. Falwell and that Mr. Falwell liked to “watch”.  Jerry says, “Becki had an inappropriate personal relationship with this person, something in which I was not involved.”  Becki also asserts that her husband never watched.  But, I noticed something odd.  In his statement, Mr. Falwell says that he and his wife “forgave each other”.  What did Mrs. Falwell have to forgive Mr. Falwell for?  Hmm.  Becki’s list of sins continues to grow.  It’s now being alleged that she performed oral sex on one of her son’s friends after band practice.  Oh, did I mention they were both students at Liberty University?  Falwell has resigned from the institute of higher learning because he doesn’t want his wife’s bad behavior to sully the school’s reputation.  Fret not – he’ll leave with a $10.5 million severance package.  For that price, I’d do whatever he wants me to do with his package!!


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