Celebrating Golden Girls

You know where you can count on hilarity?  On Billy Masters LIVE.  We started these twice-weekly shows to keep you entertained during the pandemic.  And we just hit a milestone – our 50th episode!  For this special show, we celebrated the 35th anniversary of The Golden Girls.  Our guests were Jim Colucci (author of Golden Girls Forever), Stan Zimmerman (writer from season one of the series), Frank DeCaro (writer, comedian, and Jim Colucci’s husband), and Dr. Melinda McClanahan – esteemed academic, researcher, and sister of Rue McClanahan!  Viewers chimed in from around the world.  You can check out all of our shows on Billy Masters TV on YouTube, or on BillyMasters.com/TV.  We’re live every Tuesday and Thursday at 3PM Eastern.

This week, we’re gonna try something a little different.  On Tabloid Tuesday, I’ll go through the rags and tell you which ones you should read, which ones you should skip, and the truth behind some of the more salacious stories.  I’m encouraging people to join in and ask anything they want.  Let’s see how interactive we can get.

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