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Many legends have appeared on Billy Masters LIVE.  But I don’t think we’ve had anyone as legendary as Ed Asner.  I am thrilled to interview him on Thursday, October 15th, but I must confess that this plum booking basically fell into my lap.  I contacted a publicist of someone who I thought would be a good guest.  The publicist is no longer working with that person, but suggested Ed Asner – whose autobiography “Son of a Junkman” is an amazingly revealing read.  Before you could say “spunk”, Ed Asner was booked – and I’m frantically researching his fascinating life.  You never know what will happen on Billy Masters LIVE – 3PM Eastern every Tuesday and Thursday.  Check out Billy Masters TV on YouTube, or go to BillyMasters.com/TV.

Speaking of spunk, Tuesday’s show will feature writer, musician, and performer David Pevsner, who is celebrating the filmed version of Musical Comedy Whore.  In this one-man show, he recounts his career on Broadway, on the road, and on many men who paid for his affections…or at the very least, his attentions.  It’s an illuminating and entertaining story from someone who isn’t afraid to tell all – and sell it on Amazon.

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