Tricks or Treats

Given the ghoulish time, Elvira has risen from the dead.  This is, after all, the Mistress of the Dark’s busiest season – or is that the bustiest?  Either way, Elvira’s not happy with the restrictions on Halloween.  She’s expressed her ire in a little ditty called “Don’t Cancel Halloween”, which features the following inspired lyrics: “If they cancel Halloween, ‘cause we’re still in quarantine, it would make me so mad, it would suck, it would suck so bad!”  Do they give out special Grammys for Best Holiday Song?

A second-generation Hollywood star is joining the undead.  Emma Roberts (daughter of Eric and niece of Julia) is partnering with Netflix.  The series First Kill will be based on a short story by V.E. Schwab about a lesbian vampire trying to kill her way to the top.  Problems arise when she finds herself attracted to a gal who is a vampire hunter!  People are calling this The Gay Twilight.  Funny – I thought Twilight was the gay Twilight.

You know what happens to the supernatural when their careers die?  They end up naked and on the web.  Tyler Posey – formerly of Teen Wolf – is the latest to open an OnlyFans page.  It all started innocently enough cooking breakfast in the nude.  Now he’s showing the sausage.  Of course, we already have it on


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