Lainie & Michele Reunite

We just wrapped a memorable week on Billy Masters LIVE.  We kicked it off with our political commentator, Sue O’Connell, and legal eagle, Gloria Allred.  When I asked her what she thought about the Jeffrey Toobin Zoom situation, Gloria snapped, “Hands up!  Keep ‘em up there!”  I quickly complied, and she did the same.  Yes, these are the things you’ll find on my eponymous show.  Where else could you go from Gloria Allred to Randy Roberts?  The illusionist extraordinaire joined us from Key West to talk about live shows resuming at La Te Da – behind Plexiglas!  It almost sounds as if he’s doing a show at the Olive Garden salad bar!  Definitely check it out.

And then…the show that’s been six months in the making.  Strike that – 47 years in the making.  For the first time ever, Lainie Kazan and Michele Lee sat down and talked about the Broadway debacle that was Seesaw.  The legendary ladies had been friends for years, co-starred in the musical Bravo Giovanni, and even lived in the same building.  Seesaw changed all of that.  Lainie Kazan was fired, Michele Lee was hired.  Lee would rehearse by day, Lainie would perform by night.  And they didn’t speak for almost 15 years.  Their recounting of that time was emotional, but also cathartic.  They bared their souls in a way that was so intimate – sometimes I left them alone on-screen because I felt as if I were intruding.  Of course, I came back for us to share loads of laughs, music, and risqué footage.  It will all live in infamy on our YouTube channel, Billy Masters TV, or on

How do you follow that up?  With Hot Guy Week.  On Tuesday, Christopher Sieber will join us, and on Thursday, I’ll show off my foreign tongue with Gilles MariniBilly Masters LIVE – where the stars play by day.

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