Lainie & Michele Go Viral

People are fleeing Ellen DeGeneres’ social media platforms en masse.  She lost over half a million followers on Twitter and an equal number on Instagram.  If those people are looking for someone new, might I suggest Billy Masters TV?   The recent show with Lainie Kazan and Michele Lee in their first joint interview has gone viral and quickly became our most popular episode (beating out both Fran Drescher and Anita Pointer).  Who would have thought Lainie and Mishy would become the queens of Billy Masters TV – I thought that was moi!  Do me a favor and go to Billy Masters TV on YouTube and click “Subscribe”.  It costs you nothing and really helps us out.

Last week’s shows with Christopher Sieber and Gilles Marini were great fun.  This Tuesday, I’ll host an Election Day special where I’ll share gossip, chat with fans, and show some of my favorite moments from the last few months.  On Thursday, we focus on the Emerging Artists Theatre, which is hosting a benefit reading of Brian Belovitch’s play Boys Don’t Wear Lipstick.  We’ll chat with Belovitch, director Everett Quinton, and two of the stars who happen to be pals – Jonny Beauchamp and Tony winner Lena Hall.  See all the shows on our YouTube channel, Billy Masters TV, or on Masters LIVE – where the stars play by day.

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