Rocky Horror Cast Reunion

If Biden takes Wisconsin, most of the credit has to go to WisDems.  The group flooded the Internet with special shows, reunions, and other celebrity-laden fundraising events.  They pulled out the stops on Halloween with The Rocky Horror Show.  An all-star cast was assembled but they were eclipsed by some of the classic film’s stars.  Barry Bostwick intoned Brad’s songs.  Little Nell worked overtime playing both Columbia and, for much of the show, Frank-N-Furter.  Yes, Tim Curry was there, but one must remember that he suffered a stroke in 2012.  Nonetheless, he valiantly attempted to revisit the role that catapulted him to fame with enormous difficulty.  There were moments – brilliant moments, in fact.  But for the bulk of the time…how can I describe it?  Picture seeing Chicago on Broadway starring Stephen Hawking.  Not much of a dancer – but I bet the ventriloquist number would kill!

Seth Green (Riff Raff), Rosario Dawson (Magenta), and David Arquette (Eddie) and Peppermint (singing Frank-N-Furter) gave standout performances.  There were also terrific cameos during the floor show from Hairspray alums Marissa Jaret Winokur and a sexy, corset-wearing Garrett ClaytonJason Alexander was a great narrator, but Frankie Grande was a curious Dr. Scott, oozing all of the raw masculinity of a young Tina LouiseLance Bass rocked out as Rocky…complete with golden Speedo.  If you missed this one-time-only event, some notable moments can be found on

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