DC Riots, Hunks & Harrison

Who would you die for?  It may say something horrid about me, but not a single person springs to mind.  People often say they’d die for their child – that’s their problem.  But would you get on a plane, during a pandemic, and purposely and premeditatively lay down your life for anyone in public office?  Because there are people who follow El Presidente and are happily willing to die for him – no Kool-Aid required.  I don’t get it, I don’t understand it, but there it is.  It’s as clear as that touring company of Les Misérables that was playing in DC last week!


No, Chris Harrison is not leaving The Bachelor franchise.  Everyone got into a tizzy when he relocated to Barton Creek, TX.  He simply moved there to be close to his son, who just started studies at – wait for it – Texas Christian University (locals call it by another name).  Might I add, piously, that said son is REALLY hot and has a great head…of hair.


Our Ask Billy question harkens back to the riots in DC.  Roger in Detroit asks, “Who is Phil Mattingly?  I saw him covering the riots for CNN and, gosh, he’s handsome.”

He is indeed.  He’s bordering on dashing.  Let me first answer your unwritten question – he’s straight.  Well, presumably he’s straight.  The strapping 36-year-old newsman has been married to a woman since 2010, and they have three kids.  He is, however, very gay-friendly and has supported many gay causes via Twitter.  He’s also shared his workout regime with Men’s Health – which is typically a precursor to a coming out story, but perhaps he’s the exception.  He reveals that when he doesn’t stick to the gym, it takes a terrible toll on him.  He loses weight!  And he thinks being a morning person is why people hate him.

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