Arnie the Cannibal

And now, the subject you’ve been waiting for – Armie Hammer’s social media mess.  It started with a string of texts and photos which were allegedly sent from the actor to an anonymous woman which have odd sexual and cannibalistic references.  Here’s a sample: “Thinking of holding your heart in my hand and controlling when it beats…I am 100% a cannibal…I want to eat you…That’s scary to admit.  I’ve never admitted that before…I’ve cut the heart out of a living animal before and eaten it while still warm.”  Well, I suppose you don’t wanna let a heart get cold.  He later praises the woman’s capacity for anal sex, and says when he’s with others, “the only way I can cum is if I pretend I’m fucking you in the ass.”  Oh, the poetry.  “You were the most intense and extreme version of that I’ve ever had.  Raping you on your floor with a knife against you.  Everything else seemed boring.  You crying and screaming, me standing over you.  I felt like a god.  I’ve never felt such power or intensity.” 

The person who posted the messages, @HouseOfEffie, later said that the messages were “all fake”.  However, another lady recently linked to Hammer said she believed they “are real”.  Numerous other women came forward with their own Armie stories, giving credence to the messages.  Then Hammer issued a statement.  “I’m not responding to these bullshit claims,” he said.  “In light of the vicious and spurious online attacks against me, I cannot, in good conscience now, leave my children for four months to shoot a film in the Dominican Republic.”  The film was a frothy comedy with Jennifer Lopez called Shotgun Wedding.  Unless there’s a scene on the kitchen floor with a knife, it would be a letdown!

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