Rush & Elton & Ted & Mom

“Life is about building bridges, not walls.”  
Elton John, when criticized for performing at Rush Limbaugh’s 2010 wedding. 
Something I say all the time might have also been a good response – “A gig’s a gig.”

Rush Limbaugh is dead.  I can’t say this is a story I got excited about; I was far more interested in Ted Cruz doing the limbo, but that’s just me.  Make no mistake – I was no fan of Limbaugh (or Cruz, for that matter).  Then again, I never listened to Rush (or Cruz, for that matter).  Knowing the hatred Rush spewed, I wasn’t surprised at the hatred he provoked.  But I do find it fascinating when someone’s demise gives so many such glee – as if it really changes their lives.  If it brings you happiness, great.  If I don’t care for someone, I don’t give them much thought.

Onto another death – Mom.  Yes, CBS has announced that the much-lauded sitcom will wrap at the end of this season.  This one hurt.  Why?  Because this cancellation gives the impression that a great show with a great cast could not make it without the comic stylings of Anna Faris – the woman who sunk Overboard.  Are you telling me that Chris Pratt could go on without Anna, but Allison Janney can’t?  Oh, the humanity…


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