Inside Mia and Woody

“I always knew Frank would end up in bed with a boy.  
Ava Gardner, when told Sinatra had married Mia Farrow.

I waded through all four hours of Allen v. Farrow, and I’m surprised to note that Mia comes off as very credible and photographs like a dream under controlled settings (but, for the love of God, stay out of natural sunlight).  Dylan, too, seems sincere.  Alas, this is a one-sided documentary with holes you could drive a bulldozer through.  For instance, Mia says every time Dylan talked about the alleged assault, she grabbed her camcorder to collect evidence.  Very smart.  She also claims that Dylan was out of control – crying, angry, confused, and upset.  Where the hell are those tapes?  What we saw was a normal kid matter-of-factly fidgeting, disinterested, and occasionally pausing to think of the right words to say.  Everything Dylan asks the public to consider about her side could apply to the other.  For more on that side, read Soon-Yi’s story in New York Magazine (which is on  As with the doc, you have to sift through some self-serving garbage.  But, ultimately, you’ll draw your own conclusion.

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