Kym Whitley Chokes

My pal Sherri Shepherd has gone through an extraordinary transformation and lost over 20 pounds.  I had a hunch when she surprised Eric Roberts on Billy Masters LIVE.  And I knew she joined HealthyWage, which is a weight loss program where you get paid to hit your goal.  She’s also been doing Zumba, boxing, rollerskating, and pole dancing.  You had me until the pole.  She’s also got a weekly podcast with her bestie, Kym Whitley.  On last Monday’s episode of Two Funny Mammas, they were promoting an upcoming comedy special while eating dinner – salmon, vegetables and salad.  Kym started coughing and took a huge bone out of her mouth – saying she felt another one was still lodged in her throat.  Since she was choking, she ran to the kitchen, while Sherri was doubled over in hysterics saying, “I think Kym is dying….we’ve got to help her!”  It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.  Since Kym is fine, feel free to laugh when you watch the clip on

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