Purses Purloined

I’m often worried about people who flaunt their homes and possessions on social media – they seem to be asking for trouble.  Sure enough, trouble is what Todrick Hall got after he posted footage from a performance of Hairspray in London’s West End that he attended.  This let someone know that his Los Angeles home would be vacant (which is not necessarily the case – I hear people come and go from that house frequently).  When Todrick returned from England, he discovered he had been robbed of over $50K worth of “handbags and other personal items”.  “This happened less than an hour after my cat sitter left my home, and I’m just happy that my cats have all been found and are safe.”  I don’t know what’s more troubling – that Todrick has a collection of expensive handbags, or that he’s got a collection of cats!

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