Another Nude Disney Star

Our Ask Billy question comes from Anthony in Texas: “Have you heard the rumors about Peyton Meyer accidentally posting a sex video on TikTok?  Can you track it down?”

What I find amusing is that whenever sex videos or nude photos leak, they’re often of former Disney kids.  Things that make you go, “Hmm”.  I don’t know Peyton Meyer, but he falls into that category.  He is best known for the Disney series, Girl Meets World and Dog with a Blog – both of which sound positively dreadful.  He can also currently be seen in the Netflix film He’s All That, and I can confirm that Peyton is all that…and then some.  Here’s what happened – somehow a video of Peyton having vigorous sex with his girlfriend popped up in a TikTok chat room.  But the video was not new to moi – it surfaced back in May, which is when I got it.  I’m glad I was asked to look into this story because my sources delivered two other videos of Meyer – one with another girl, and one with him taking his sizeable matters into his own hand.  All can be found on

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