Billy Masters hits 100

The gay son of a friend recently asked me to meet him out.  I suggested a local gay bar.  When he arrived, he said, “Phew – I’m glad they didn’t question my ID.”  Why would they question it?  “It’s a fake – I don’t turn 21 until January.”  I felt like I was corrupting a youth – a feeling I know from when I was a youth!  While noting the looks we got from the older patrons (even older than moi), I thought – here I am with this adorable tyke, less than half my age, and I didn’t even win an Oscar!  That being said, the young are exhausting!  While youth may be wasted on the young, you need to be young to keep up.


Last week, we celebrated the 100th episode of Billy Masters LIVE with Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr.  The famed duo talked about The Fifth Dimension, their appearance in the documentary Summer of Soul, their duo work, their solo work, and even a joint appearance in Dreamgirls which you have to hear to believe!  This week, we’re hosting another panel discussion, because there’s a whole lot to discuss.  You can watch us live on Thursday at 3PM Eastern, Noon Pacific.  Or tune in whenever at or at

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