Stan vs. Lee’s Dick

Our Ask Billy question comes from Karl in Chicago:  “I’ve been watching Pam and Tommy, but when will we see that episode with his talking penis?  It sounded weird when you wrote about it.  Maybe it got cut.”

Tommy is definitely cut, but that’s another story.  Pam and Tommy is a docuseries on Hulu.  Remember when we had “miniseries”?  Now we have “docuseries” – which I believe is a miniseries you have to pay to see.  While I have to give massive props – two massive props, actually – to Lily James as Pamela, let’s look a bit closer at Sebastian Stan as Tommy.  Karl obviously missed Episode 2, when Lily and Sebastian reenact much of the infamous sex tape.  At the 19-minute mark, they “reveal” themselves.  And two minutes later, Tommy’s penis starts talking in the bathroom.  The penis is very upset that Tommy wants to settle down with Pamela Anderson.  It wants to have some fun with such people as Jenny McCarthy and Denise Richards – apparently that penis isn’t a voting member of the Academy!  We know this isn’t Sebastian Stan’s penis, because we all saw that in the movie Monday.  But it’s still mighty impressive, and you can see it (and Stan’s real one) on


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