Todrick Blows It

I was happy that Todrick Hall had the opportunity to gain tons of new fans with his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother.  Alas, he blew it…pun intended.  Virtually every celebrity in the house hated him.  While most chalked his behavior up to strategy, Chris Kirkpatrick said Todrick crossed the line when he said Chris’ son would be ashamed of him.  Todrick sunk so low as to quote Shanna’s most terrifying moment (when an intruder tried to get into her car) when she was evicted.  He was completely shocked by the icy reception and eschewed all interviews after his second-place finish.  Perhaps Julie “You look beautiful” Chen Moonves said it best: “My heart hurt for him.  He was aware and he looked concerned…I pray he makes any and all amends to those he hurt and that people allow grace and forgiveness.”  Somehow, I doubt it.

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