Disney’s Dilemma

Here’s a riddle – how is Disney World like Vatican City?  And don’t guess the obvious – the inhabitants wearing colorful costumes, the propensity for pomp and circumstances, and a whole lotta gay sex.  You see, Vatican City is actually its own little country.  Not a country that you need a passport to enter, but a country nonetheless.  You’re walking down the street in Rome, minding your own business, and poof, you’re in another country.  Well, Disney World is like that – except you have to pay $120 to get in and hop on their rides.  It doesn’t cost anything to go into Vatican City.  And there isn’t anything to hop on and ride…except for a few Cardinals!

Disney World may be in Florida, but it’s also kinda not.  It’s a “special district” and somewhat autonomous.  Back in 1968, the company wanted to develop a swamp on the outskirts of Orlando.  The state made a deal – Disney could develop it, but they’d be responsible for all the costs – including the municipal services such as water, electricity, fire, police, etc.  That worked for everyone…until the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” controversy.  When Disney eventually spoke out against it, Governor DeSantis retaliated by abolishing many of those “special districts”.  While one imagines the headaches this causes Disney, many say it could be catastrophic for Florida.  It makes the state responsible for all those other expenses, including a $1 billion bond debt.  The Happiest Place on Earth, my ass!


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