Marriage Brit Style

In a couple of slots I can certainly get behind, Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey are set to join forces for the miniseries Fellow Travelers.  The series, which is set in the 1950s, is referred to as a “love story and political thriller” – and who doesn’t love those?  Bomer plays a political operative, and Bailey is a recent college graduate.  I didn’t think I’d live long enough to see Matt Bomer cast as the older man!

Speaking of older men, Graham Norton is no longer on the market.  The plucky presenter wed his beau at a private ceremony in County Cork, Ireland.  While Norton has not shared many details – like the name of the person he married – we do know that Lulu sang.  And, while he’s mum, my sources tell me that Graham’s spouse is Scottish filmmaker Jonothan McLeod.  Here’s what Norton said only a year ago: “I prefer to be unhappy alone.  That’s the bottom line.  And I’m not even unhappy.”  He added this: “The older you get, the less right you have to be picky, but the pickier you become.  And your dating pool becomes smaller and smaller – but that’s because you want it to be.  When you’re young, it’s the opposite – you know you could be picky, but you’re not.”  I don’t believe that’s a universally held opinion.  I was FAR pickier in my youth.  Now, I’m hot for murderers!

Not to be outdone, we hear that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez married this weekend in Las Vegas.  Place your wagers now.

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