Courtroom Drama

Anyone can sue over anything.  There is no guilt or innocence associated with a suit – other than it being an annoyance.  But with famous people, there’s another game that goes on.  If a famous person misbehaves, the victim will often say, “I’ll sue” – which often results in a payoff.  But some celebs play a game of chicken and say, “Go ahead” – because they know most people won’t bother.  If a suit is filed, it can go one of two ways – the celeb may feely cocky enough to let it go to trial, or they may up the ante and pay to have the complaint withdrawn without explanation.  Make no mistake – a withdrawn case does not mean one is innocent.  And that’s all I’m gonna say.


In light of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, the House of Representatives took steps to codify same-sex marriage by federal law – something I suspect we’ll see happen with many issues.  The vote for the Respect for Marriage Act overwhelmingly went our way.  And it gives one hope when you note that 47 Republicans joined their 220 Democratic colleagues to preserve the ruling.  However, one cannot ignore that 157 Republicans voted against it.  Many say it has no chance of passing the Senate, but stranger things have happened.


In a story I thought we’d heard the last of, US Marshals are searching for a man who abducted Lady Gaga’s dogs and shot her hot gay dog walker, Ryan FischerJames Howard Jackson was one of the three people charged with the abducting and shooting.  And yet, he was released from prison in April due to a “clerical error”.  Fischer, who is no longer in Gaga’s employ, spoke out on the subject.  “I ask for Mr. Jackson to turn himself over to the authorities so resolution to the crime committed against me runs its course, whatever the courts determine that outcome to be.”

In other old news, we hear that Armie Hammer is broke and trying to sell timeshares in the Cayman Islands!  The employment opportunity is a way for the disgraced actor (who really is quite talented) to support his stay near where his two children live with his ex-wife.  After denying that Hammer was working as a Caymans concierge, his lawyer says he can neither confirm nor deny that he’s selling timeshares.  What we do know is that Hammer recently flew back to LA, as he was seen in Venice looking no worse for wear.  Rumors abound that he’s enlisted the aid of Robert Downey Jr. to help rehabilitate his image.  Well, if anyone would know…


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