Rest in Peace, Livvy

Over the years, I was fortunate to spend lots of time with Olivia Newton-John both onstage and off, most memorably when I hosted her only concert of 2008 – at LA Pride.  As many have said, the best way to describe her personality was “sunny”.  Fast forward to 2020, when I hosted a special Billy Masters LIVE to celebrate 50 years of LA Pride.  I thought Olivia would be a great guest, so I reached out to her publicist and bestie, my bon ami Michael Caprio.  ONJ was game, but technologically couldn’t do it due to unreliable Internet at her ranch.  Unexpectedly, a couple of hours before our live show, I got an e-mail from Caprio.  “Olivia was sorry she couldn’t join you live, but thought you might be able to use this.”  Attached was a video she shot, wishing us a happy Pride, saying how sorry she was she couldn’t join us live, and saluting our efforts.  She had nothing to gain from it – she just wanted us all to know she was there.  Thanks, Livvy.

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